Smartspot Industrial RFID + BLE (10.251)

Artikelnummer: 10.251

4 UHF RFID external ports, 2 external BLE
antennas, 8 wireless BLE connections, PoE

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Intellifi Smartspot Industrial RFID + BLE support powerful passive UHF RFID and active Bluetooth Low Energy
(BLE) technology, web-based services by Brain Server and Sense & Control. Its industrial housing and unique
form factor allow for an eff ortless, embedded or integrated installation. This product does not have integrated
antennas but instead requires external antennas in order to operate. Antennas for BLE are provided which
allow the product for BLE to be used straight out of the box. Technical features like Power over Ethernet (PoE)
simplify design and deployment dramatically and reduce cost by eliminating the need for AC outlets. Dedicated
BLE radios scan for advertisement channels in parallel and serve as a BLE gateway for compatible products. To
extend the range or to add additional locations in Brain Server, 4 RFID ports allow connections by cable to up to
4 external antennas. For BLE up to 8 Relay BLEs can be connected wirelessly.

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